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First Look: Spelunky 2 Gameplay, Mossmouth Interview

Oh, surprise of wonders: Our first take a look at Spelunky 2 gameplay has arrived! And you’ll be able to play it this weekend within the PlayStation sales space at PAX West!

In the event you by no means performed the unique Spelunky, you overlooked one of the crucial largest platform video games of all time. It’s a remarkably arduous act to apply, however it seems like Mossmouth and Blitworks are bringing out the massive weapons. Rideable mounts! On-line multiplayer! And a lush visible overhaul that keeps the straightforward wonderful thing about Spelunky whilst including in visible prospers like gloopy new liquid results and debris out the wazoo.

We stuck up with Derek Yu, author of Spelunky, to be told extra about what’s in retailer when Spelunky 2 launches someday subsequent yr.

Spelunky 2

Left to proper: Ana Spelunky, Margaret Tunnel, Colin Northward, Roffy D. Sloth

PlayStation.Weblog: So, first issues first: What is Spelunky 2?

Derek Yu: Spelunky 2 is the sequel to the roguelike platformer Spelunky and takes position after the occasions of the unique sport. Since Spelunky 1 was once launched numerous nice roguelike-inspired video games have pop out and driven the style in cool new instructions, however I feel Spelunky remains to be very distinctive on the subject of the liberty it provides the participant and the best way other components have interaction, the place one match can cause a cascade of penalties that need to be handled. That’s one thing we’ve been development on – now not simply including a lot of new issues (which we’re doing!), but additionally making the arena really feel much more interconnected. And that incorporates storytelling (each developer-created and player-created) in addition to sport mechanics.

PSB: I perceive this sport may be very, very other from Spelunky 1 – why? What guided that call? Why now not be secure and do exactly every other like he already did?

“The large query on my thoughts was once ‘What makes Spelunky, Spelunky?’”

DY: At its core, Spelunky 2 isn’t too other, in truth. My opinion about sequels is that they’re extensions of the former video games, so I need lovers of Spelunky 1 to leap in and really feel like they’re enjoying a continuation, each storywise and robotically. The large query on my thoughts was once “What makes Spelunky, Spelunky?” I sought after to determine what the ones concepts have been and take them to their restrict with out anything else getting of their approach. From time to time that implies including, infrequently that implies remixing – it could additionally imply subverting expectancies created by way of the unique sport.

Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2

PSB: What is going to Spelunky lovers “get” in regards to the sport instantly? What’s an identical? What’s other?

DY: I feel they’ll in an instant get into the go with the flow of enjoying the sport. Which is excellent, as a result of with Spelunky 1 we had a difficult time explaining that to folks. Now that they get it, we will spend extra time making the enjoy deeper and richer. There are numerous variations that, when added up, truly make the sport really feel other. For instance, every stage may have a 2nd layer that you’ll be able to cross backward and forward between. From time to time the doorway is correct there and infrequently it’s a hidden shortcut. Although the gameplay remains to be 2D platforming, this provides a sense of a 3rd size to the exploration.

“Every stage may have a 2nd layer that you’ll be able to cross backward and forward between.”

We’ve additionally added liquid physics which might be truly amusing to play with – blended with the destructible terrain you get such things as dynamic water or lavafalls that it’s important to take care of on every run. The arena breathes extra. After which there’s all of the anticipated new spaces, pieces, monsters, and traps. It truly is so much.

I’m nonetheless very a lot serious about new avid gamers, regardless that. However my philosophy has all the time been to draw new avid gamers by way of making the arena extra attention-grabbing and welcoming as an alternative of specializing in tutorials and such things as that. Spelunky remains to be Spelunky and it is going to be very difficult – my hope is that new avid gamers will wish to persevere as a result of we made the hassle value it. Spelunky 2 may have very robust subject matters of circle of relatives and friendship and I need new avid gamers to really feel cared for whilst we put difficult hindrances of their approach.

Spelunky 2

PSB: Are the degrees randomized? That’s tremendous arduous to do; what was once the way?

DY: The way is equal to with Spelunky 1 the place we generate a “secure” trail to the go out the usage of room templates. On the other hand, with new options like the second one layer we’re discovering a lot of unexpected new tactics we will make random stage design much more attention-grabbing. As I mentioned prior to, it appears like there’s a brand new size to it. And BlitWorks is doing the programming on Spelunky 2 and has constructed gear for developing and trying out ranges that we didn’t have the assets to construct the primary time round. It’s been numerous amusing going again “into the lab” with our earlier enjoy and numerous new era.

“The purpose isn’t extending the sport’s duration however making the tales that emerge much more wealthy and private.”

PSB: How is the go with the flow/tempo? How does that vary when transferring to this new gameplay taste?

DY: To me it feels extra fast paced but additionally extra expansive. I believe that runs might take a bit of bit longer starting to finish, however the primary purpose isn’t extending the sport’s duration however making the tales that emerge much more wealthy and private.

PSB: Is it secure to think there will likely be a lot of secrets and techniques?

DY: Oh, in fact!

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